Two women who met as teenagers, were reunited many years later in a joint attempt to beat the yeast beast! After a few weeks of plotting and scheming together, they decided to meet and bake. We are Jini and D and that is our story!

Jini is a designer, a dreamer, an architect an artist. D is a wanderer, a development professional, an animal lover, a writer!! What we have in common is a desire to discover the world around us through food culture and cuisine, a desire to cook awesome meals and most of all a deep love for eating! And it is this insatiable appetite that has given birth to our blog.

We are not chefs or professional photographers, just two friends who have an incredible curiosity about flavours and techniques, and are ready to try almost anything in the quest for a great plate of food. This blog is our playground, where we cook together, then Jini makes watercolour magic and I write about the craziness that ensues when we get together in  the kitchen!

So, pull a chair at our table and join us for scrumptious food and engaging conversations!