Instant noodle jars!

Have you ever had one of those days when work is driving you mad and you wish you could have a quick Tequila shot that would take the edge off, or in lieu of the alcohol an indulgent meal at lunch which will provide the mental sustenance to get through the rest of the day? I have at least one of these days every week and would love to not grab that bar of chocolate to overcome the frustration.

Jini and I got to talking about this one day and realised  we both think there is something so comforting about a bowl of hot, spicy, soupy noodles; its like a hug in a bowl. In addition to the fact that these are upliftingly yummy and have actual magic powers, they can be pulled together effortlessly the previous night and you can grab and go the next day.


These are not just a make ahead lunch, they could also satisfy your 4pm craving or better still be your companion for watching midnight marathons of your favourite shows. Healthy, yummy and truly satisfying!

I think I have sold this enough, though lets be honest, a steaming bowl of instant noodles hardly needs any selling so lets get to it.


What you need:

So this is really more a blue print than an actual recipe and there are tonnes of different things you can do to personalise it to your taste. We are just going to give you a framework and some suggestions based on what makes us drool.

  • Boiling water
  • An airtight jar
Flavour Base Vegetables Protein
Chicken soup base  Carrots Sausages
Thai green/red curry paste  Peas, Corn kernels Boiled shredded chicken
Miso paste Beans Tofu/paneer
Horseradish paste  Spinach Mushrooms
Noodles Garnish
Rice noodles Coriander/Parsley
Pad thai Lemon
Glass noodles Pickled ginger
Vermicelli Spring onions


How we stir:

Super duper easy. Choose one or more from every column based on your preferences.

  • Spread as much of the flavour base as you want on the bottom of the jar
  • Top with chopped vegetables
  • Next, throw in the protein
  • Next, as much noodles as the jar can take
  • Finally, top with a garnish of your choice
  • Pop this into the fridge the previous night. We found it keeps well for upto three days so you can make a few for the week over the weekend.
  • When you are ready to eat, pour in hot water to fill the jar, close the lid and let it steep for five minutes.
  • Open the jar and enjoy!

These are the ones we made

  1. Kimchi, assorted chopped veggies, mushrooms and glass noodles topped with finely chopped spring onions.
  2. Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, sausages, mushrooms, rice noodles topped with coriander sprigs and some pickled ginger

One that I have dreamed about but not yet made

  1. Continental Jar: Mustard, horseradish, balsamic glaze, mushrooms, shredded chicken and topped with pad thai and caramelized onions.
  2. Indian jar: Tomato/Chicken/ Shrimp pickle, blob of cream, diced paneer, peas and spinach with some par cooked instant noodles.

Its really that easy, close your eyes and imagine what you want in your jar, find it in your fridge, throw it in and that’s it!



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  1. livingdixie says:

    Sounds perfect for a quick, fall meal! Yum!

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  2. Es Marinsche kocht says:

    I like! Noodles makes us happy 😊


  3. Dave Anthony says:

    This is a really cool idea. Will give it a try sometime.


  4. gebbysmith says:

    This is perfect! Wonderful idea and so easy to create. All the ingredients are beyond scrumptious. Easy to remember instructions and gorgeous photos and illustrations! Yes, I will be following you anywhere you lead.

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  5. Zee Zoetic says:

    Such a good idea because it’s always freezing in my office. I love comfort food , too. Thanks for the tip!

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  6. Thanks. This is something i need an instant noodle jar


  7. Do you know any other recipes i can try out not just noodles

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  8. kimerworkman says:

    Reblogged this on kimerworkman and commented:
    This was so amazingly easy sounding I had to re-post it to my site!

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  9. arianna2316 says:

    Love this idea! I used to be a huge Ramen fan but… This is way healthier!! Thank you 🙂

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  10. Jessie says:

    These look wonderful and so easy.

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  11. So creative! 😊

    Check out my blog mainly about hypothyrodism but also healthy foods! thank you

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  12. threeoneoh says:

    This is so clever! I love it!

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  13. I love eating kimchi at work but it’s so stinky I drives my two office mates crazy. I’ll try this great looking recipe on one day they are not in the office with me—-thanks!

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  14. shatki2015 says:

    This is super cool. I’ve never thought of noodles in a jar. I’ve done salad in a jar! Great idea, thanks for sharing.

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  15. Omg love this. Such a great idea.

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  16. hailsthekale says:

    amazing!! it even looks yummier in a jar!

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  17. Olga Kulkova says:

    Thank U for the idea! I’m vegetarian and I prefer healthy food! this article helps me a lot)

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  18. writegill says:

    “its like a hug in a bowl” and that’s what sold it – superb – gonna start it right away!

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  19. auroraviory says:

    Reblogged this on More-Than-A-Story and commented:
    Nyummy post!

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  20. Kristen says:

    Awesome! This is perfect! 🙂


  21. scinteresting says:

    Love it! So cool! 👍


  22. What a great idea! And it looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


  23. vicoloca says:

    Sounds delicious! Surely something I am going to need this week!😅


  24. frankie278 says:

    Great, I’m hungry now. XD


  25. DelilaCain says:

    Do you put the noodles in raw?


    1. andwestir says:

      The rice noodles are rather stiff, so we sort of dipped them in hot water to make them more malleable, and then into the jar.

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  26. noininblog says:

    Yumm, [stupid question alert] when you say vegetables do you mean raw or cooked?


  27. Garunaidi says:

    Love this idea! Can’t wait to try it!


  28. Elle Artes says:

    Yum! What a great idea!

    Elaine @


  29. myheartots says:

    interesting…i want to try this!! thanks for sharing =)


  30. Amruta Singh says:

    Awsome idea…loved your post


  31. Natalie Law says:

    I made these tonight purely from your post! Such a good idea and have kept me busy. Let’s just hope they taste good tomorrow 😋✌🏼️


  32. Hemangini says:

    wow gorgeous!! Will try it soon 😀


  33. Biro Jasa Perijinan says:

    good idea! thanks for sharing


  34. Very intriguing! As a person who lives with insomnia, this seems like a great midnight snack…or anytime snack for me. I can see it now: Late Night Gaming/Movie/Writing Sessions with a jar of this by my side…Thank You.


  35. Looks delicious, what a great idea!

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  36. badexpatmom says:

    This looks Delish!


  37. Awesome post.Loved reading it.
    Do check out my blog too.Hope you will like it.
    Here is a link to one of my blogposts.

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  38. zimmsa says:

    I love it !!! Totally new for us in Germany !

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  39. Sandra N says:

    This is such a cute & creative idea! Love how you’ve prepared these noodles in such a modern way. Thanks for sharing!🍜

    💕 from

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  40. Wow. Looks delicious. Love this !

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