Oatmeal and Flaxseed Sourdough

One of the hardest things about baking our own sourdough bread for us has been the wait from when it comes out of the oven to it cooling down enough for us to cut it to see how we fared in terms of crumb. We often end up cutting it while it’s still quite warm…

Chocolate orange sourdough!

We were experiencing perfect conditions for bread making in Hyderabad. The weather was cool and dry and our starters were rising and falling predictably. We were beginning to get comfortable with the basic sourdough formula and were itching to explore flavours in our breads. If there is  one combination of flavours that Jini and I are…

Sourdough bread for beginners!

Our sourdough journey started when I attended a workshop in Goa conducted by the ever so awesome Sujit Sumitran. Spending a day in an old Portuguese house talking about the science of grains and the health benefits of fermentation while we stretched, folded and tried to cooperate with our dough, was far more than I expected….

Yeast and other such friends!

Crunchy baguette, sweet milk bread, crusty sourdough, soft focaccia, or pillowy pav; Jini and I are absolutely in love with bread and bread is the foundation of our friendship if i may so.We had been racking our brains for a long while about a project that would excite us, teach us some skills as well…

Last minute trifle!

Just a few quick steps to a delicious dessert full of booze that your guests will love!

Eggnog Escapades!

Rich, creamy and heady with rum- both our eggnog and the raisin bundt to pour it over are delightful festive treats!

Truffle Trio!

Chocolatey, boozy, zesty truffles done three ways!

No bake granola bars

Nuts, fruits, chocolate and nut butter come together in delicious wholesome granola bars. No sugar and no baking!

Pizza perfection!

Let the goodness of whole grains show you a whole new way to enjoy your favourite pizza!